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MRCP Mentor, Dr Tania

Dr. Tania, our esteemed mentor with almost 15 years of medical experience, defines our success. She is popular for making complex subjects accessible, guiding numerous doctors to MRCP success, as evidenced by thousands of genuine reviews.

Live & Recorded Zoom MRCP Sessions

Zoom Sessions are led by Dr. Tania. The sessions provide interactive learning opportunities. Recorded sessions are available to enrolled doctors.

Live Chat with mentor & fellow doctors

All enrolled course doctors are added to chat groups so that they can share knowledge or connect to Dr Tania.

Rapid Revision

We offer rapid revision as part of our regular MRCP part 1 course. The rapid revision courses are also available separately for MRCP part 1 and MRCP part 2 doctors. The courses are tailored for practising doctors who have limited time to prepare.

Routine Study & Up-to-Date Syllabus

Our courses routine are aligned with MRCP Exam Dates and syllabus are up-to-date making sure you complete your preparation in a timely manner.

Study Smart

There are thousands of resources outside. Do not get confused. Our courses are comprehensive. Our mentor shows you the secret to studying smart by providing tips & tricks, pictorials, mnemonics, differential diagnosis and connecting seemingly unrelated topics to ascertain the correct diagnosis.

MRCP Weekly Mock Test

Our mock tests are designed to mirror the actual MRCP exam. Enrolled doctors gain access to detailed answers with explanations.

Reviews & Testimonials

Our mentor, Dr Tania, has received hundreds of excellent reviews. Browse our website to view the reviews & testimonials. Connect with past students in our facebook group to hear their experience. Our foundation is build on authenticity.

Premium Video Hosting Platform

All our recorded sessions are hosted on premium platform making sure the videos are available 24/7 and you never miss a bit. We have record uptime of 99.99%.

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Acquire knowledge through engaging in interactive discussions with fellow doctors.

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MRCP UK Part-1 Target Diet January 2025

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